Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine (Forums)

Just reporting back...

I got called earlier today and told that everything was legit and I passed my drug test.

I actually passed both the ones I was given that day, both with Quick Fix.

I was a bit worried because the second one I received was the DOT-Standard drug screen, and I was pretty sure that was more strenuous than your standard 5-panel, but after doing some research it sounds almost the same, with just an added test for creatine and ph-levels.

But long-story-short, I passed both and am now employed again.

So woot for that.

Oh, I just noticed that someone had asked which heating method I used. I did fifteen seconds in the microwave, and then the included heat pack strapped to the bottle and both enclosed in an internal stash pocket of some shorts that I wear all the time.

Fifteen seconds over-heats the bottle, but it's pretty cold here (Wisco) still, and so the bottle loses some heat while I drive over the facility. I do a quick temp check before I walk in and it's generally just about 100 by the time I get there.

There are probably easier ways to do it, this just works for me.

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