Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick fix synthetic urine reviews (2)

The guys in the laboratories of the spectrum are great for quick fix synthetic urine and really simplify the process of these things. Synthetic urine is detected with the same ingredients as the natural human urine.

People use this material for all kinds of different applications, some of whom believe with it like a joke, rather than the reality of a friend that they were all in the urine fool. The best part is that it will not smell and is not real.

Other uses for the magic bullet

* Joke about someone thinking you're playing with urine.
* Misleading the people peed.
* Will someone throw the skin, but you need new ones when to buy the spots!
* Order as a quick gift.
* Give a quick solution to its neighbors.
Buy a quick fix and save it for special occasions.

Quick Fix At the end you get the package or in a 2 oz or 3 oz version of what you ordered. Version 5.7 is here only 2 ounces of the synthetic and faster version 5.7 includes the 3-ounce bottle of Quick Fix. You also get a heating pad and a bottle to the heat of the fast in the microwave, then connect the heating pad in his power to keep the heat before you actually.

There are many places where you can get these things, and there are many brands, but only one quick solution is 100% like the real thing known.


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