Friday, April 1, 2011

Urine Drugs

The oldest and most commonly used method of drug testing is the urine drug test. Urine drug testing is usually the most inexpensive and quickest method of screening for drug use. Some benefits of urine drug testing are that the tests are minimally invasive and safe. Results are often returned within 24-48 hours and many employers appreciate the quick turnaround time.With dozens of testing labs in eve city, convenience is often a factor in choosing urine tests. Testing centers are usually near to the particular company and the visits are often short. The prospective employee just needs to sign in and sign a few releases and then urinate in a cup. In most cases, the employee is able to partially close the restroom door in order to maintain some privacy. Since many urine tests can detect masking agents, the need to urinate in full company is virtually eliminated. The entire process usually only lasts 20 minutes and employers can have the results within hours.Although urine drug testing is the most common of pre-employment drug screenings, many creative scientists have developed tools to beat these tests. A vast array of products are easily obtainable online and in specialty shops. Some cases have even been reported of people purchasing urine from a "clean" associate and using the clean urine in their own drug test. The clean urine is stored in a thin plastic bag, boiled, strapped to the leg and passed as urine.With drug testing laboratories beginning to test for masking agents, synthetic urine was developed. The urine often comes in powder form but may also come in liquid, ready-to-use form. The powder is mixed with water and comes with a container with a thermometer attached. The temperature is guaranteed to stay fresh for up to a few hours. This synthetic urine contains all of the properties in which a lab tests. Certain body temperatures and chemicals that are normally present in human urine are detected and it can be very convincing.Although urine drug testing is easily accessible, minimally invasive and relatively inexpensive, many employers understand that it is also the easiest to evade. Because of the variety of methods used to cheat on urine tests, many employers decide to utilize sweat, saliva or hair follicle drug testing in its place. These other methods may not be as convenient or inexpensive, but are generally more reliable.

Synthetic Urine Types - Quick fix synthetic urine

The most effective way of successfully passing a drug test is never to use any drugs. But luckily, there is a great solution for drug users. There are many detox products that make wonders.
Types of synthetic urine: The Bladder Bag Kit comes as a bladder bag containing 3oz of synthetic urine. This quantity is enough for two usages. The kit includes an elastic strap, a temperature strip and 2 heat pads. This urine doesn't require mixing. Its shelf life is about a year. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is lab grade synthetic urine generally used to calibrate special urine test machines. The urine possesses all the features of human urine in and has a normal pH balance, creatinine and specific gravity. The product can be used by both women and men and it is simple to prepare.
Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is very easy to prepare. Actually it takes just 15 minutes to prepare this urine for testing. This refers to lab grade synthetic urine. Quick Fix has the features of natural urine, in particular, normal pH, specific gravity and creatinine. The product ensures that users have negative test results. Dr. John's Synthetic Urine will ensure your passing a drug test due to the fact that it is totally undetectable even in laboratory tests. It contains the instruction and guarantees normal indicators for creatinine, specific gravity and pH. The Urinator is an electronic device for testing urine. It is designed to keep the necessary temperature for four hours with only one battery set.
This device is reusable and simple to use. The urinator contains 2 synthetic urine samples, two temperature strips, a digitally controllable self-regulated heating element, and a calibrated device for bottle filling. This kit is in fact a very efficient device and many experts consider it to be the best one among this type of products