Sunday, March 29, 2015

Passing a test with Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Before the test, you must open the Quick Fix Plus and microwave for about 10 seconds. It is very important that Quick Fix Plus is between 94-100 degrees when sending your sample.

Close the top of the Quick Fix Plus bottle and shake well after heating. You should get a strip temperature reading between 94-100 degrees. If no temperature is visible, but the product is hot to the touch, there is probably more heated synthetic urine. Allow the product to cool to a temperature that is visible, or the product has cooled to between 94-100 degrees.

Using the rubber band included, connect the hand warmer your Quick Fix Plus. The hand warmer Plus Quick Fix will supply a heat source to prevent it from 94 to 100 degrees. As shown in the clothes, keep hands warmer Quick Fix Plus about 100 degrees for at least 6 hours.

During the test, make sure that Quick Fix is ​​between 94-100 degrees and poured into the container of urine collection. You should make sure to put in a little less than the bottle so that the sample is not exactly 3 oz.


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